My 65W DIY solar panel testing

Maybe you have also wondered how much power do solar panels generate on a cloudy day compared to the clear sky? Other than the location on earth this is also a huge factor in overall performance. I had the same questions myself. So I tested my solar panel. I included my location on earth and time

Accidentally blew a fuse of Arduino CNC controller by reverse polarity

Today I was messing around with my CNC shield (version 3.00) and GRBL. But somehow I managed to accidentally reverse the polarity of my power cables. Until today I had no problem keeping that in mind. The fuse was blown and like it’s not enough yet- drives also. DRV8825 drives have no reverse polarity protection-

Arduino CNC shield version 3.0 with GRBL v0.9

My experience with arduino cnc shield was bit frustrating at start. This article is about version v3.0 CNC shield. I didn't know anything about this shield, GRBL software and how gcode is sent to CNC machine. So I was pretty unsure about everything I was doing.

CMTP02-5A solar controller photos and contents

This is a small follow up post for my main post (go read that post also after this post) about CMTP02 type of solar charger controller. Turned out that 5 amper version has actually much different content (-5a after model name refers to a maximum of 5 amperes charging current). It’s not actually a surprise since it handles much

DIY lightbox- My idea and building

I finally finished my DIY lightbox. I had the frame already assembled a few months ago. That frame was built using aluminum DIY profile corners and threaded bars. I have written about it in a separate post. Nothing too fancy, but does the job. I’ll share some photos how I built it. Parts used in my DIY

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