CMTP02-5A solar controller photos and contents

This is a small follow up post for my main post (go read that post also after this post) about CMTP02 type of solar charger controller. Turned out that 5 amper version has actually much different content (-5a after model name refers to a maximum of 5 amperes charging current). It’s not actually a surprise since it handles much less current. Since one reader did provide me some photos I will share them here too. This post only shows some photos of this version. For more info and go check out the main post for more in-depth comments and info.

He also sent me a user manual which seems to be for 10-ampere version instead.

CMTP02-5A version photos

Now some pictures were taken by Didier. As we can see, it looks the same as other versions. The casing is the same for all of them.

CMTP02-5A 5amper version front and case

5 amper version front and case


CMTP02-5A 5amper version PCB

CMTP02-5A 5 amper version PCB


CMTP02-5A 5amper version PCB backside

PCB backside


CMTP02-5A 5amper version PCB

PCB part


CMTP02-5A 5amper version PCB

PCB part



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