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Action camera adapter for smartphone stabilizer build- lesson learned

I have a new toy – a smartphone gimbal. I am already pretty happy with it, but it has one drawback. As many smartphone gimbals- their brackets are a good fit for various sized smartphones, but usually not suitable for small action cameras such as GoPro. These gimbals need action camera adapters for it. At least

DIY plywood Christmas tree – My design and build

This Christmas I finally made to our household a DIY plywood Christmas tree. I have fiddled this idea for a few years now and finally made it happen. There are many other designs out there, but I didn’t like them. I created my own plywood Christmas tree template. This post describes the process and how

DIY splash guard for KitchenAid Mini made of acrylic glass

I created a simple splash guard to our KitchenAid Mini stand mixer. It’s officially sold as a pouring shield, but my design lack that “pouring part”. So I called it as splash guard instead. This helps keep lightweight ingredients like flour from flying out of the bowl or when you’re mixing there will be much fewer splashes

DIY KitchenAid attachments holder (dimensions and building)

We bought a brand new KitchenAid Artisan Mini stand mixer ( Find it on or ). It came with 3 standard attachments (dough hook, whisk, beater) and we needed a place to keep them. Having such a lovely machine calls for a nice display of it and it’s attachments. So instead of throwing them into

Simple cutting boards rack / holder

We have too many cutting boards in our kitchen and there was always a hassle to keep them somewhere. Leaning against the wall when drying or stacking them on household appliances. We needed a way to organize them. Quite long time ago I promised to build simple cutting boards rack/holder for our household/kitchen. As the old saying goes-

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