I am a DIY minded guy who likes to DIY building and things related to it. Even if building something by yourself can be more expensive or time-consuming, the experience is never a bad thing. What better hobby could I pick up instead of this? Making something with your own hands is rewarding like sport. Feels good to create something yourself. It’s a lifestyle. The positive side is also the ever-growing toolbox, knowledge, and breaks from my office work.

In this blog write about things I come across in my daily life. How-to’s, plans, ideas, overviews that could be useful for others like me. My interests are:

  • electronics in general
  • Programming
  • DIY building in general
  • microcontroller Arduino and related modules and automation
  • CNC build, Arduino CNC controller and  GRBL
  • solar power, off-grid living, zero energy

So most topics are related to these topics, but not only.  Since I am not posting very often you can sign up for updates on my Facebook page. Or check out my Instagram where I share images about things I work on that don’t end up in the blog.

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