Wiring and running TB6600 stepper driver with Arduino

Here is quick post about TB6600 stepper driver which is based on TB6600HG chip. Here I use one without black plastic casing (See  more photos in my other post). It has model marking on the back that says “BL-TB6600-v1.2″. Stepper motor used in this demo is 23HS22-2804S (2.8A, NEMA23). Drive looks like this. Wiring it up Terminals

TB6600 4.5A photos without heatsink

Quick post about TB6600 stepper motor driver module. It should be 4.5A version. It has model marking on the back that says "BL-TB6600-v1.2". This version has no plastic covering and has green PCB. Since originally everything is covered with large heatsink there is nothing much to see before removing it. Here I share some "closer look" photos I

How to use H-bridge HG7881 (HG7881CP) module with external power supply and Arduino UNO

First time use of H-bridge HG7881 (HG7881CP) module was  pretty confusing for me. I didn't find good (if any?) information about wiring this module up and running it with Arduino. But same time it seems to be quite popular. Here I share how I connected it to a external 12V power supply. You can use any other

My 65W DIY solar panel testing

One year ago I built my first bigger DIY solar panel which should ideally deliver 65W. Today I cleaned it up and hooked up it up with car battery trough solar controller cmtp02 and put volt-ampere meter between controller and panel. Panel itself is actually not finished yet and very robust build (old window frame with

Accidentally blew a fuse of Arduino CNC controller by reverse polarity

Today I was messing around with my CNC shield and GRBL. But somehow I managed to accidentally reverse polarity of my power cables.Till today I had no problem keeping that in mind. Fuse was blown and like it's not enough yet- drives also. Since DRV8825 have no reverse polarity protection- I toasted 3 of them in a blink also. Anyway -

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