Inside look of the HP deskjet D1560 printer with photos

I got HP deskjet D1560 color inc printer. Of course I had to look what components are inside and how does it work.

How to wire digital dual display volt- and ammeter

Once I bought a popular “Chinese” volt- and ammeter gauge with 100V/10A ratings. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any good resource about how to wire/connect it. Actually, it’s not rocket science, but I had waited for it 2-3 weeks and didn’t want to blow it at first try. All the diagrams were somehow too technical for me.

Simple wooden stool built using boards

We needed something to be used in kitchen (to grab stuff from upper shelf). I also had some spare boards lying around. Simple wooden stool happened. Seems rigid enough and its in use daily. Now I use it to also as a bench to cut wood with jigsaw. Blade moves between the board gaps.  

Makeshift smartphone holder for tripod

I needed quick smartphone holder for my tripod. This is what I came up with ~15 minutes of work. I had this old plywood what happened to be almost thick as my phones thickness.Very dirty and straightforward. I even crafted quick release plate for it. A phone can be shifted in and out- but it

Simple wooden “magical” wine bottle holder

I wanted to try out this very simple "magical gravity defeating" wine bottle holder. Or whatever it's name could be. I made it without thinking much over calculations. Googled some pictures and trusted my gut.

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