WD200EB hard drive taken apart- what electronics can be found inside?

I have an idea to make Arduino based laser scanner show and I need some old hard drives to make axes for it. I had an old WD200EB hard drive laying around. Here I share what electronics can be found inside and how does it look inside. Other than that it’s casual hard drive and

What is inside of the color changing candles?

I have always been curious what’s inside of these color changing candles. These candles start emitting light when lit and colors usually change (nice mood light). Most famous ones are probably Air Wick ones. There are also others out there like Coleman for example. I finally disassembled one to check it out. These candles have color changing LEDs in

Threaded rod joint using aluminium square tube

Just a quick and robust threaded rod joint idea I wanted to share in case someone is looking for inspiration. I needed simple cube-shaped construction and decided to make it out of threaded rods. It’s not accurate since holes are in offset, but I didn’t need actual cube so I am fine with it. I

Tabbing solar cells together using this simple jig

Here is a simple solution to align and fixate cells while tabbing solar cells together using common tile spacers. This is very good because I can focus on soldering cells instead how they are aligned and fixed.

CMTP02 – disassembling this solar charge controller

I want to share inside look at cheap Chinese solar charge controller CMTP02 (CMTP-02). I have a 30A (charging current) variant, but it has also 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A versions. It should be a PWM controller. Maybe even not that (like Didier pointed out in the comments section). I have not learned all the terminology regarding

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