DIY lightbox- My idea and building

I finally finished my DIY light box. I had frame already assembled few months ago. That frame was built using diy aluminium corners and threaded bars. I have written about it in a separate post.

I’ll share some photos how I built it.

Parts used in my DIY lightbox

It was cheap to build. Here are parts which I purchased and used:

  • 6 x threaded rods M6 – around 3.6€
  • bunch of M6 nuts – 1€?
  • White sheet of thick paper for “infinity background” – 1€
  • White fabric – 0.4€
  • Aluminium tube around 25cm – maybe – 1.5€
  • 4 nuts for legs – 0.6€

Let’s start with legs

Quick and simple legs made with hole cutter. To protect surface it will stand on. I screwed them directly to the ends of the threaded bars. I don’t know what’s the name of these nuts I have used, but if you know – feel free to educate me.

light box wooden legs

lightbox wooden legs


Wooden leg assembled

Wooden leg assembled


Cardboard floor for my DIY lightbox

I made it out of cardboard and for some extra strength I glued some “backbone” to it.  Strong enough to support items I would shoot in this box.

Diy light box cardboard floor

Diy light box cardboard floor


Gluing strips to the back for extra strength

Gluing strips to the back for extra strength

Gluing fabric pieces together

I bought 4 pieces of white fabric from our local shop. Looks pretty much sames as casual bed sheet. Is it a good choice? I don’t know yet. Will see that on first testing. Probably it will depend more on light source I’ll be using and it’s power. I glued fabric together by sides. Actually- it’s probably much easier to do this with one piece of fabric.

DIY lightbox fabric laid out

DIY lightbox fabric laid out


Adding infinity background

I used thick paper. Pretty straight forward. Also glued left over paper pieces to be used as locking it onto the frame. Easy to change if another color paper needs to be used.

Photography infinity background

Photography infinity background


Lightbox infinity background

Lightbox infinity background


Final result

Test photos are yet to come. After I have built some kind of lighting part of the project. But box itself is already usable. Will probably use 10W LED’s as lighting source.


lightbox testing with one LED

lightbox testing with one 10W LED



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