Solar power Archive

My 65W DIY solar panel testing

One year ago I built my first bigger DIY solar panel which should ideally deliver 65W. Today I cleaned it up and hooked up it up with car battery trough solar controller cmtp02 and put volt-ampere meter between controller and panel. Panel itself is actually not finished yet and very robust build (old window frame with

CMTP02-5A solar controller photos and contents

This is a small follow up post for my main post (go read that post instead after this) about CMTP02 type of solar charger controller. Turned out that 5 amper version has actually much different content (-5a after model name refers to maximum of 5 ampere charging current). I’ts not actually a surprise since it handles much less current.

Tabbing solar cells together using this simple jig

Here is a simple solution to align and fixate cells while tabbing solar cells together using common tile spacers. This is very good because I can focus on soldering cells instead how they are aligned and fixed.

CMTP02 – disassembling this solar charge controller

I want to share inside look of cheap Chinese solar charge controller CMTP02 (CMTP-02). I have a 30A (charging current) variant, but it has also 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A version . This is should be a PWM controller. Maybe even not that (like Didier pointed out in the comments section). I have not learned all the

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